'Cinderella The Remix' reimagines fairy tale, aims to inspire children

(Courtesy Imagination Stage)

BETHESDA, Md. (WJLA) - This past week, 27 different schools brought their young people to Bethesda to discover theater - and learn.

"Arts and different kinds of experiences are really important to our kids," says Joshua Starr, superintendent of Montgomery County Schools. "It's not all about what happens in the classroom."

The students are at Imagination Stage theater to see a production of "Cinderella The Remix" - a different kind of Cinderella tale that's more modern and contemporary, features hip-hop music, and aims to inspire children.

"I don't like 'princessy' stuff, so I think it's going to be cool," said student Haley Rose before the show.

The premise of "Cinderella The Remix" has the young hero realize that if she's true to herself, she can be anything she wants to be - even a hip-hop DJ.

"I think that girls can do whatever they want," Haley said. "They can try out new things."

Imagination Stage incorporates a learning experience into the show for the young audiences as well.

"They've had a backstage tour before they've come, and there's going to be a lot of learning going on, as well as fun," explained Imagination Stage founder Bonnie Fogel.

"Stories are about the narrative - about the theme, about the plot - but they can be presented in lots of different ways," said Starr.

Local families are invited to bring your family, write on the theater's graffiti wall, and see "Cinderella The Remix" until May 25 at Imagination Stage in Bethesda.