'Captain America' soars to top of box office, 'Rio 2' takes second place

(WJLA) - It only took 10 days for "Captain America" to make $160 million - now the year's second-best movie.

The secret is in the combination - Chris Evans as the main guy leaves room for Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow, his equal partner, and a very cool Anthony Mackie helps out in a neat flying suit.

For prestige, Robert Redford plays the bad guy - a slick, corporate type.

The result? Way beyond the usual comic book stuff. Marvel Studios has rebooted the blockbuster Captain America, a high-flying Avenger.

This week, Johnny Depp plays a computer scientist whose brain gets uploaded just before he dies. "Transcendence" hopes to transcend "Captain America" this week - but that may take more than artificial intelligence.

At the box office, animated "Rio 2" went for the family audience, and settled for second place.