'Blue Angels' return for first show in years

(WJLA) - They make up the world’s top aerobatic team, and yet, because of a series of issues including safety concerns, a scheduling problem, and government sequester cuts, the group has been grounded since 2013 and has not flown over the Naval Academy since 2010.

"They've been missed," says Rich Russo.

This year, the Blue Angels are flying a full schedule – including performances for the Naval Academy graduation. Tuesday is practice day, and draws almost as many people as the scheduled show itself.

"This is fantastic just to see the people and the excitement they bring just looking at them," says Robert Beans.

Beans, a retired Navy man, says they make him proud.

The Blue Angels will be flying over Annapolis on Wednesday at 2 p.m. For a great spot to see them, park right along Route 2 and walk down to the Academy Bridge.