Virginia Governor's Race 2013: Libertarian Sarvis could tip the balance in Va. governor's race

Robert Sarvis

The intense campaign to be the next Governor of Virginia could be helping a third party candidate.

And after more mudslinging in last night's debate, there's a growing sense that the race could be decided by the Libertarian Party candidate, even if he doesn’t win the race.

"I'm Robert Sarvis and I joined this race to give you a better choice," the candidate says in a YouTube ad.

Sarvis, a lawyer, software developer, and one-time Republican, says the negative accusations between the Republican candidate, Ken Cuccinelli, and the Democratic candidate,Terry McAuliffe, make him the perfect alternative.

"So there's nobody really other than me to be proud of to vote for, and that's one of the reasons people are receptive to my message" Sarvis says.

But can he win? Sarvis thinks he has a shot, but the polls suggest otherwise. The latest Washington Post/NBC News Poll shows Sarvis is well behind the leaders, but still at a solid 10 percent.

“That's not because they like him. It's because they don't like the other two candidates," says James Hohmann of Politico.

He says Sarvis, as a former Republican, will take more votes from one candidate, Cuccinelli.

"In a race this close, there's no question he could end up making a difference," Hohmann says.

Democrat Sandy Welch likes having Sarvis in the race.

"I'm just a believer it's good to have different voices," Welch says.

But Republican Terry Argenbright knows it could hurt Cuccinelli.

"That bothers me," Argenbright says.