Terry McAuliffe reaches out to Republicans

(WJLA) - In his first appearance in Richmond as governor-elect, Terry McAuliffe was still feeling the thrill of victory.

"I'm excited to do this job,” he said. “People say I'm always excited, but you know, I'm so excited to get going with this and start helping people."

Maintaining the measured tone struck during the campaign, McAuliffe Wednesday promised to deliver on the campaign pledge of working for all Virginians, even those who didn't vote for him.

"I will get up every single day working for you. I will do everything to earn your trust and respect,” he says.

But McAuliffe is now governor, thanks to those who did vote for him in northern Virginia.

For hours Tuesday night, nervous democrats worried Republican challenger Ken Cuccinelli's small but steady lead would hold.

But as precincts from northern Virginia began pouring in, McAuliffe took the lead and never gave it up.

The growth of the D.C. suburbs has dramatically increased the number of Democrats in this once reliably Republican commonwealth, ensuring its reputation as a swing state for years to come.

But northern Virginia voters believe Tuesday night's close results are also a reflection of the choices, neither of which were perfect, some voters said.