McAuliffe to receive campaign boost along with SEC investigation

The good news for Terry McAuliffe is that his campaign is about to get a major boost from California financier, Tom Steyer – a billionaire environmentalist and vocal opponent of the Keystone Pipeline.

"We are talking serious money here," says POLITICO reporter Katie Glick. POLITICO broke the story on Sunday about Steyer’s decision to support the Virginia gubernatorial candidate.

"By doing so, he can turn the conversation to focus more on climate issues, which is of course his big issue," adds Glick.

The bad news for McAuliffe however, is a new SEC investigation into his former car company, GreenTech, and whether it and a sister firm illegally solicited help from foreign investors. The Cuccinelli campaign is digging in on this issue – including the release of a new ad out on Monday.

The McAuliffe campaign is meanwhile hitting Cuccinelli on his financial ties to Star Scientific CEO, Jonnie Williams – the man at the center of the scandal tied to Governor Bob McDonnell.

While many Virginians have yet to tune in on this race for governor, saying it hasn’t been on their radar and they haven’t been paying much attention, Nick Sibillia has – and he isn't impressed.

"Two people who are scandal prone or incredible extremists. It's a really terrible choice for Virginians... Cuccinelli's strongest point is that he's not McAuliffe. McAuliffe's strongest point is he's not Cuccinelli."