Ken Cuccinelli: McAuliffe's campaign built on negative ads, not substance

On the eve of the Virginia gubernatorial election, Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli called out his Democratic counterpart Terry McAuliffe for running a campaign based on negative attacks rather than substance.

In a telephone interview on NewsChannel 8's NewsTalk with host Bruce DePuyt, Cuccinelli cautioned voters that TV advertisements created by his opponent are misleading.

"I'm being outspent in this race. You're being lied to a great deal about everything from contraception to methane gas," Cuccinelli said, referring to one of many of McAuliffe's ads attacking the Attorney General. "We're not going to block contraception. Never have, never will. The U.S. Supreme Court has already said we can't in the state, anyways. Terry McAuliffe knows that. He's not running a truthful campaign."

In the interview, which appeared during the show's final segment, Cuccinelli accused McAuliffe of dodging questions about the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, by avoiding media. The Attorney General also said McAuliffe's campaign lacked substance.

"I also am the only candidate who has proposed an economic plan that would create jobs in Virginia. My opponent talks about the word jobs, but has never laid out a plan," Cuccinelli said. "Name one positive plan that Terry McAuliffe has proposed in detail that you've seen anywhere. Most voters can't name anything, because all he's done is attack me and demonize me."