Cuccinelli hypes NYT story about McAuliffe but skews context

As good reads go, today’s front-page piece in the New York Times about Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe{ }perfectly fits the model in terms of a comprehensive and informative look into McAuliffe’s former tenure as owner of the electric-car company, GreenTech, and political connections involved in advancing the company’s progress.

The piece focuses on both McAuliffe and his former partner Charles Wang, president of the car company that has become the subject of a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation. Wang said in the piece the company ultimately will be found in good stead.{ }

The focus of{ }Ken Cuccinelli’s GOP campaign, on the other hand, is on the seventh paragraph of the{ }article: “Still, there are days when Mr. Wang says he wishes he had never gone into business with a politically connected partner. “I learned a lot of things,” he said. “Politicians or people with political backgrounds are dangerous to business.”

Said Cuccinelli Saturday in Chesterfield County, outside Richmond: “. . . The current president of GreenTech said that Terry and people like him are dangerous for business. That’s his quote.”

And the headline on a Cuccinelli campaign e-mail: “THE TRUTH ABOUT TERRY: “Dangerous To Business” In Virginia

Cuccinelli press secretary Anna Nix, when asked whether the quote had been taken out of context, that Cuccinelli, too, is a “politician and (a person) with (a) political background”, she responded as such:

“Not at all.” she said in an e-mail. “In the article, Wang clearly says Terry pushed expectations up because he wanted to "add job creator" to his resume before he ran for Governor. Clearly Wang is talking about Terry. There is absolutely no other way to take it. “

Actually, there is – by the reporter who wrote the story. Asked Saturday by whether the quote had been taken out of context by the Cuccinelli campaign, Trip Gabriel replied via e-mail with a simple answer: “yes.”