Virginia report card shows wide gap in academic achievement

CREDIT: Flickr

Virginia has released a report card Wednesday that represents all its public schools, and the results are not encouraging -- especially for many lower-income students.

The achievement gap between white and Asian students and all other groups is growing, and with a Federal Evaluations Report looming, the numbers wouldn't seem to bode well.

Per the Richmond Times-Dispatch, "As anticipated, math scores overall were down for 2011-12. Among demographic subgroups whose scores were released today by the Virginia Department of Education, white and Asian students scored above the state average while every other subgroup – black, Hispanic, economically disadvantaged, limited English proficiency and students with disabilities – scored below.

Scores in English, history and science remained relatively steady. In each of those categories, whites and Asians also scored above the state average while every other group scored below.{ }