USO's United Through Reading program: Va. Tech, UVa. alumni face-off in book challenge

In the D.C. region, alumni from Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia are teaming up to see which school can collect the most books for the USO's United Through Reading program.{ }

“We both have alumni who are involved in the military and so we thought what better way to try to increase participation by playing off that competitive element between our two schools,” said Brent Blevins, Virginia Tech alumni.

The initiative collects children’s books and then sends them to USO posts overseas. Once there, deployed troops are able to record themselves reading a book to their children. Then, that book and a DVD are sent back to the U.S., where kids can watch their mommy or daddy read them a bed time story.

“We've heard from some families who say their son will wake up in the morning and have breakfast with dad on television and read his book along with him every day,” said Lindsey Fischetti, USO’s director of programs.

The USO is hoping to collect enough money and books to help 1,000 military families this holiday season.

Alumni from these two prominent universities want your help to reach that goal, and connect families thousands of miles apart.

“We are hopeful that we can collect a lot of children's books and hopefully beat the Virginia Tech club of Washington but it’s all for a good cause,” said UVa. alumni Jennifer Schonberger.

The{ }competition ends Thanksgiving weekend, but Virginia Tech and UVa. Are scheduled to face-off again when they play each other in the annual “Commonwealth Cup” football game.

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