Univ. of Delaware students can study ice cream

Ice cream is an unofficial major for students at the Univ. of Delaware. (Photo: Flickr/comedy_nose)

NEWARK, Del. (AP) - University of Delaware students can study 125 different subjects, but now there's an unofficial new major students can pursue: ice cream.

Ice cream is serious work for students at the university, which has an agriculture school and its own herd of dairy cows. The school opened a campus ice cream store earlier this year, and students are now involved in nearly every part of the production process, from milking the cows to developing flavors.

The University of Delaware is hardly the first school to have a creamery, the more technical name for the ice cream store because it produces its own product on site. Penn State opened a creamery in 1865. About two dozen other universities from the University of Connecticut to the University of Wisconsin also have creamery operations.

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