The Bully Project: MPAA asked to lower R rating for documentary

A documentary every child could learn frombut may never be able to see, "The Bully Project" tackles one of the toughest issues facing kids.

But it's been slapped with an R rating because of foul language. Now there's an effort to make the film more accessible, by lowering that rating.

Thousands are petitioning the Motion Picture Association of America, asking that the rating be changed, so middle school students can go see it without an adult.

"The Bully Project" follows five American families dealing with bullying at school, including two families with bullied teens who committed suicide.

The documentary was designed to teach middle and high school students, but many schools are refusing to show it because it's rated R for language.

Phil Hicks, president of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, feels young students should see it despite the R rating.

More than 150,000 people have singed onto's petition asking the MPAA to change the rating to PG 13, so kids can go see it without a parent..

The filmmaker is refusing to censor the language, saying that would distort the truth, because foul language is part of bullying.