Teachers laid off in Loudoun Co. due to lack of funding

(WJLA) - The end of the work week is usually a time of relief and relaxation – but not this week at schools in Loudoun County.

"It's a shame. I'm very disappointed and sad,” says Kristi Taylor, a Special Education teacher at Belmont Elementary in Loudoun. She is keeping her job, but about a hundred of her colleagues are losing theirs:

"It's scary. A lot of teachers have that 'Am I gonna be next?' attitude. Everybody's very fearful."

Of the 282 positions eliminated in the county, 182 employees were reassigned -- while 100 teachers, deans, and assistants are now out of work.

The cuts are reportedly something the county has not done in more than 20 years. Over the past seven budget cycles, school funding has increased at a solid pace in Loudoun, but still not enough to keep up with the cost of educating a booming student population. The result of that this year is cutting Spanish at elementary and middle schools, as well as these staff cuts.

Ilona Eden is a parent at Hillside Elementary School, and she worries that this round of bad budget news could hurt quality in the classroom, as well as recruiting in the years to come:

"I'd like to see more stability. I'd like to see more teachers attracted to this county with every means necessary."