St. Mary's College students to live on Sea Voyager

The students will live on the ship, which is commissioned out of Wilmington. (Photo: ISP)

(AP, ABC7) — A southern Maryland college is moving hundreds of students from a mold-infected dorm to a cruise ship docked beside campus.

St. Mary's College of Maryland will move approximately 200 students to the ship this weekend. About 350 students had already moved to local hotels or reconfigured rooms because of mold in two dorms.

“We feel that, in terms of experiencing the campus and all the programs and academics, it's the same thing as living in the residence hall,” says Chip Jackson, Saint Mary's College Vice President.

College President Joe Urgo said in an announcement that the 300-foot cruise ship named the Sea Voyager will likely remain until the end of the semester and will cost about the same as hotels.

The college says damp conditions from Hurricane Irene and persistent rains are to blame for the mold.

“I’m kind of excited about it,” said one student. “I have to pack up, which is fine. But it's going to be so much closed to campus.”

St. Mary's College will cancel all classes on Friday to let students prepare to move.

“I'm really jealous that I'm not living on campus anymore because I would love to live on a ship!” said another student.