Scott Spear fighting for job back

Now that prosecutors have dropped charges against a Montgomery County accused of having sex with a 16-year-old, Montgomery County School officials want to talk with him.

The coach, Scott Spear wants his full-time job as a teacher at Julius West Middle School back, as well as his part-time jobs as coach of Richard Montgomery's cross country and boys basketball teams.

But around Julius West Middle School, the jury still is out.

“I think I'd want to understand a little more about the whole story,” says Joyce Breiner, a parent. “I am a bit uncomfortable with the whole idea of a 47 year old and a 16 year old.

Spear was charged with having sex with one of his former students last year but not until she had entered high school and turned 16.

Spear coached the alleged victim part time for Richard Montgomery's cross country team. Since he was not her primary teacher, he did not break Maryland law, hence the dropped charges.

He continues to maintain he's done nothing inappropriate with any student or athlete at any time.

Spear's attorney will press for his client's re-instatment during the school system's investigation. He argues prosecutors dropped charges before the defense could discredit the allegations, which were brought not by the alleged victim but a third party.

After the hearing Spears did not want to talk. But earlier he told us he has plenty of support.

“The one positive thing if there is anything positive about this horrible time for me is that so many people in this community have stood behind me,” Spear said.