School cancellations may result in extra school days

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (WJLA) - Even if the sledding gets a little rough, a snow day is still better than a day at school.

"I love any day my kids are home -- this is awesome," says Laura King, who has no problem with Fairfax County Public Schools canceling classes again on Wednesday – even though falling snow has been replaced by sunshine.

"I think maybe they could have done a late start, but I don't know, when it comes to my kids it's better safe than sorry," she says.

In Fairfax, the school district has already used up its three days built-in for bad weather -- plus an extra day, which will have to be made up on the Monday of President’s Day weekend.

"Well it does create complications," says Fairfax Schools COO Jeff Platenberg, who adds that while main roads may be in good shape, he won't hesitate to cancel school if buses could have trouble on secondary and side roads.

"Each event, I think of what's in the best interest of our students," he says.

Loudoun County already includes extra time in the calendar equal to more than 15 whole days, meaning that dropping a few here and there is no problem.

It’s a similar situation in Prince William County, where we found Jeni Westhoff enjoying the snow day with her kids and their friend at Bowl America.

"I think it was a good call -- our hood is still very icy this morning," she says.

Westhood is not alone in her opinion of not at all being on the fence:

"These are our kids we're talking about, so..."