Pine Eagle Charter School holds controversial active shooter drill

An elementary school in a tiny eastern Oregon town held an active shooter drill on campus last Friday in a most unusual - and terrifying - way.

According to The Oregonian, two men donning masks and handguns entered the Pine Eagle Charter School in Halfway, Ore. - which has a population of under 300 - and began firing blanks at teachers while they worked during an in-service day.

The experience, which school officials did not tell staff members about before it happened, shocked the majority of teachers.

"I'll tell you, the whole situation was horrible," teacher Morgan Gover told The Oregonian, adding that she was "hit" a few times.

Pine Eagle Charter School's principal, Cammie DeCastro, was blunt when she said how the teachers performed; she told the paper that "not many" of them would have survived had an actual shooter burst into the school.