Patrick Henry College under scrutiny for alleged sex assaults

(WJLA) - Patrick Henry College, founded in 2000, has just more than 300 students enrolled. It is a Christian college in Purcellville, where drinking, dancing, and premarital sex are frowned upon

"We can see high standards in the rules order and different areas, so I am happy," says parent Neissy Briceno.

But the school is suddenly the subject of scorn after a report with a provocative title details a series of alleged sexual assaults in liberal magazine, New Republic.

Former students maintain that when they told the Dean of Student Affairs, Sandra Corbitt, about male students assaulting them, she suggested the young women brought it on themselves by their behavior and dress.

The New Republic reports that Patrick Henry is among a handful of colleges that do not take federal funding. Thus, it is not required to provide programs to combat sexual assault on campus and to assist alleged victims who report incidents to police.

The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP) is now weighing in on the controversy and calling for Patrick Henry to fire Dean Corbitt.

"She basically blamed the victims she did not give them support," said Becky Ianni, SNAP Director.

We tried to speak with Dean Corbitt, but instead were told that she is unavailable. Becky Ianni, herself a survivor of sexual abuse when she was a child at a religious school, worries that the college could be further stigmatizing possible victims:

"How many other victims could there be? I mean, are there others who are afraid to come forward because no one will believe them or they will be blamed?"

No one from Patrick Henry would talk with us about the report or allegations against the college.