Parents say fired D.C. principal trashed school documents

Controversy is swirling at a D.C. school after its principal was fired.

But the actual dismissal of Thurgood Marshall Elementary School Principal Sharon Wells isn't what's causing the uproar, it's what she allegedly did after she was fired.

Parents at the school recorded video of Wells as she cleared out her office last Friday. They claim she and helpers she brought with her took more than just the personal property she amassed during her one term as principal.

"A computer and a printer that was there was school property that was taken out," said PTA President Vincent Short.

"I videotaped her putting documents from the school into the trash dump...," Parent activist Saymende Lloyd added. " they drove off, I went into the dumpster, and I got the documents."

Lloyd says the dumpster dive led to the discovery of children's medical records, special education information, test scores with names and employee tax forms with social security numbers. Parents say the items should have been shredded and question why they were in the departing principal's possession.

"It's frustrating and needs to be looked into," Short said.

Parents of the school and Wells were at odds throughout the last school year.

While they're happy to see her go, they want school authorities to investigate the incident.

The school system says the allegations are being looked into; they are also taking measures to prevent Wells from having access to any DCPS properties.