P.G. County Schools CEO plans changes to area educational system

LARGO, Md. (WJLA) - While at Largo High, students and teachers debate the worth of cursive writing versus print writing, the new CEO of Prince George’s County Schools is planning the future direction of the entire system.

After a couple of months on the job and visiting more than 60 schools, Dr. Kevin Maxwell says he’s found some things that work – and plenty that don’t. He explains:

“We have some really good teaching and learning going on, and we have some that's not so good. We have to really work on that consistency issue from building to building, room to room."

On Monday morning, Maxwell held the first meeting for his transition team of experts, parents, students, union reps, teachers, and principals. He is seeking their input on how to best implement a six-month plan to fix the school system.

He has laid out four specific goals: produce college-prepared and career-ready students, transform community trust, create a skillful team centered on enhancing teaching and learning, and properly manage operations and finance.

"I hope it'll give us a real template going forward," says Dr. Maxwell.

The county's "Teacher of the Year" Albert Lewis is on the panel and says he wants resources, while Spellman Elementary principal Susan Holiday wants to look at what works and what doesn’t.

“We're willing to be really patient, but we know there is a sense of urgency and our children can't wait for that," she says.

Maxwell says that because of changes in the curriculum and testing, standardized scores may actually dip in the short term. But he is going to move quickly on his plan for a December budget and administrative changes – hopefully by the end of the school year.