Not all students happy about Diddy's Howard University commencement speech

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - The choice of Sean Combs (also known as Puff Daddy or Diddy) as commencement speaker has been controversial since the moment it was announced.

"Definitely on Twitter there are people who are feeling strongly on both sides, a lot of people are upset," said Howard student Bethany Robinson.

"What we've been told is he didn't graduate from Howard University," added senior Shay Bell.

Combs reportedly did attend Howard for some time in the late 1980's, but he ended up dropping out -- so now, some are asking why someone who didn't think very much of acquiring a degree is speaking at graduation.

"I'm not necessarily sure that I'm too thrilled about him being our commencement speaker, because I'm not sure what he's going to tell me," said Bell.

There's no doubt Combs has been successful as a musician, producer, and entrepreneur. Some say that's why they have no problem with him speaking and getting an honorary doctorate.

"Though he may not have gotten his degree from this university, he still worked hard to become a very successful person, and i feel he upholds our principles," said senior Jasmine Dailey.

"I'm a computer science major, so there's a lot of people in my field who didn't graduate that are making billions upon billions of dollars," added junior Christopher Hocutt.

"It seems like there are some negative stereotypes that are being perpetuated at Diddy, maybe because of his color," said Albert Ellis.

Despite the mixed opinions, Howard University reportedly has no plans to replace Combs as commencement speaker.