No holiday Monday for some area students

(WJLA) - It’s back to the books in Saint Mary’s County. A total of nine snow days in this rural county forced the school board to revoke the President’s Day holiday on Monday.

Meanwhile, attendance was 96-percent at Mechanicsville Elementary, where Principal{ }Steven Wernick is glad to see the students back in the classroom:

“The students are not having the consistency we would like them to have because of the snow days, so it is good to be back and hopefully we'll have a full week of school ahead."

St. Mary’s will still have to make up two more days, and parent Jessie Williams says her kids are where they belong:

“I think they are ready to be back. The snow is gone. They just want to be back and get ready for the rest of the school year."

Schools in nearly a dozen counties in the greater Washington D.C. area are in session today. It was a typical Monday at Fairfax High School, as students navigated icy sidewalks to head back on what was supposed to be a day off.

At Mount Vernon High School, students also made up a snow day back on January 21.

“I think they could have just taken away another teacher workday instead -- that would have made more sense to me," said student Graham Ocker.

"I'd prefer they take away these days than my summer days, because the summer is when it's hot and nice outside. What would I do on a cold day like this?" added Brian Barile.

{ }

Spotsylvania County, Stafford County and Culpeper County schools also decided to hold classes Monday.