National Day of Service living memorial to 9/11

The tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks is just days away. From volunteer opportunities to church services, a national day of service is offering people volunteering opportunities to give back.

A man who lost his brother at the World Trade Center on 9/11 started this day eight years ago. It has grown significantly, with many people looking at this event as a day to honor lives lost on September 11th.

“I'll be praying for those people who lost their loved ones,” Maria Adams said.

“I’ll take a few moments and think about it... it's kind of emotional and I'll fly the flag,” said Todd Chisholm.

At Hands on Greater D.C. Cares, they are gearing up for the three-day event. Organizers say the number of participants has increased 80 percent since last year's anniversary. Two of the three days are already booked up.

“We remember the attack. It doesn't seem like it was 10 years ago and again... wanting to give back and pay tribute through service is very important to people,” said Curtis Cannon of the group.

The Red Cross is urging people looking to honor 9/11 victims to donate blood. Blood drives will be held next week leading up to the anniversary with participant being asked to sign posters and send greetings to military personnel who continue to serve.

”It could be a message of thanks for everything they've done--a message of hope that they can come home soon and be with their families...whatever they would like to write to show they are still valued and appreciated and we're thinking of them,” Erica Kagan of the American Red Cross said.

Local churches will also have remembrance services. The NFL will have 9/11 tributes prior to many of its games.