Montgomery County starts mobile speed camera program

Some new technology started the first day of school with students in Montgomery County - mobile speed camera vans.

Montgomery County Police are determined to cut down on speeding in school zones and around school buses, and getting caught on one of the new cameras will cost you plenty.

And you won't hear any arguments from parents about the new additions.

"At least when you see the slow down...that's a good idea," parent Janice Gondelman said.

"Kids dart out between cars...," Maury Byrne, who also a parent, added. "...they need to keep it as slow as possible."

The plan is to rotate the fleet of outfitted vans between schools. The fixed, portable cameras will cover roughly two dozen school zones.

Twelve miles above the posted limit will net you a $40 ticket.

But if an actual officer catches you, Captain Paul Starks with the Montgomery County Police Department says, "In some could be up to a $1,000 fine..."

Another part of the safety campaign includes posting warnings along Route 270, reminding drivers to stop for buses with flashing lights and stop signs extended.

Additionally, Montgomery County School officials say they expect to get a couple dozen cameras on some of its school buses to catch the offenders who go around the flashing red lights. That's expected to happen sometime this year. Frederick County already has school bus cameras up and running for the school year.

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