Montgomery County gives its State of the Schools address

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJLA) - Montgomery County School Superintendent Joshua Starr gave his State of the Schools Address Monday. Montgomery County is the largest school system in all of Maryland and has increased enrollment by about 14,000 students over the past six years.

To deal with overcrowding, Starr has recommended a $1.5 billion plan to add hundreds of new elementary classrooms.

Monday, the superintendent praised SAT scores. Recent graduates significantly outscored peers across the nation. Minority students also showed much higher percentage numbers. That's important considering Latino and African American students now make up nearly half of the 151,000 students.

Another big issue that has come up in the county - changing school times each day. The proposal calls for high school to start 50 minutes later, middle schools 10 minutes earlier. The superintendent is holding town hall meetings to get opinions from parents. The next one will be December 16th at Richard Montgomery High.