MCPS PTA meets to discuss mold, leaky roofs, other issues

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJLA) - The Montgomery County Council of Parent-Teacher Associations' PR Committee Chair John Grimes is going public as he sounds a warning about the state of Montgomery County Public Schools, which he is referring to as a crisis.

"It's a problem that has sort of been kicked down the road for years and years, and now it's coming to a head," he says.

On Monday evening inside the Board of Education building, dozens of PTA members will address well-known issues like the ongoing mold outbreak at Rolling Terrace Elementary school in Takoma Park. They will also discuss concerns that have seen far less, if any, media coverage.

For instance, a leaking roof in one of the Gaithersburg schools that actually made its way to the library.

The meeting coincidentally falls just 12 hours after Superintendent Joshua Starr issued a very glowing state of the schools address at the Strathmore..

"More than 90% of our students are reading by the end of kindergarten, even though more students than ever come to us as English language learners," he pointed out.

But a much different tone awaits the public tonight, as system-wide troubles will finally be revealed with full transparency.

"The reputation for MCPS is that we're one of the best public school systems in the country right now, and that reputation covers an awful lot of ills," said Grimes.