Maryland high school students work to spread kindness

It might start with a smile, it could be a hug. Or a compliment. It's kindness and it's Liana Berlin-Fischer's mission.

It started last summer when a friend told her she was so nice, she could start a group for kindness. Berlin-Fischer, a student at Montgomery County's Walter Johnson High School, this October started The Random Acts of Kindness Club, which is trying to bring their community together with kind gestures. Maybe it’s raking someone’s lawn unexpectedly, or handing out thank you cards to their cafeteria employees and bus drivers. The group of 20 students says that by helping others, they’re learning to help themselves.

"We're called the random acts of kindness club and that's what we do, but it's so much bigger than that. We're really just trying to bring the community together," Berlin-Fischer said.

The group, which helps students at the school plot their random acts of kindness, has found that by helping others, they are also helping themselves. "I came from a private school and coming to public school was really hard on me…So, by creating this club. Not only has it changed me, but it's changed the other kids in the group as well."

Teachers at the school are also encouraged by the group’s work. “The random acts of kindness group brings the creativity and fun and random flash mob aspect to it which I think makes kids want to get involved I think this group is just going to grow,” said Isabel Hernandez-Cata, a teacher at the school.

“Someone mentioned feeling satisfied, but it's so much more than that. It's like feeling satisfied times like a million. It's actually the best feeling ever,” Berlin-Fischer said.