Martin O'Malley responds to Rick Perry's anti-Maryland ads

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley responded Wednesday to anti-Maryland claims made by his Texan counterpart, Governor Rick Perry, in advertisements aired on television and radio.

In an op-ed in Wednesday's Washington Post, O'Malley argues that Perry's claims of Texan superiority are wildly inflated.

The Maryland governor counters Perry's claims of Texas' job-creation success by pointing out that the Lone Star State leads the nation in percentage of hourly employees earning equal to or less than the minimum wage.

In his ad, Perry encourages viewers and listeners, "when you grow tired of Maryland taxes squeezing every dime out of your business, think Texas."

In Wednesday's Post, O'Malley accuses Perry of "slashing funding for critical middle-class priorities," a policy the Maryland governor says has resulted in Texas ranking 49th in the nation in high school graduation rate and 50th in the percentage of residents with even basic health insurance.

The two governors are scheduled to appear opposite on another Wednesday night on CNN's Crossfire at 6:30 p.m.

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