Loudoun Co. parents push to keep schools open amid budget shortfall

(WJLA) - Dozens of parents in one of the richest counties in our region are outraged. In an effort to slash the Loudoun County Schools budget, officials are now proposing closing some schools in the western part of the county.

As a parent at one of the schools, Julie West hates to consider what it will mean if the school shuts down:

"It would be heartbreaking for it to go away."

Hamilton, Lincoln, Aldie, and Hillsboro are the four schools that could close in order to save the county $2 million as it currently faces a $38 million shortfall.

The county faces a tough reality: sizable student bodies but sizable operating costs – especially in a county where major growth is happening in the east, but not necessarily as much in the west.

Children would need to be transferred to other schools, and the buildings possibly used for other county needs. Some parents are floating around alternatives to closure, like turning Hillsboro into a charter school or expanding Aldie – proving that what they lack in size, they make up for in determination.

Supports of the schools will have one last chance to make their case to the Loudoun County School Board.