Local author Eric Franklin outlines leadership lessons to teach kids in his new book "Peanut Butter Principles"

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Great leaders aren't born. They're nurtured. That's the main idea guiding local author Eric Franklin's new book.

The book, "Peanut Butter Principles: 47 Leadership Lessons Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids" offers parents a list of 47 principles to help them instill and develop leadership skills in their children.

Franklin says the right time to start teaching leadership skills is "right out of the womb."

"These are things you really need to embed in your child as soon as they are able to understand the concept of wrong and right," said Franklin, who serves on the Southern Maryland Higher Education Council.

Some of the lessons in the book include teaching your child the difference between a goal and a dream, helping them realize that life isn't fair (get over it), and allowing accomplishments to speak for themselves.

For younger children, Franklin suggests parents try roleplaying in order to help them learn simple leadership concepts early on. Children will also often learn those concepts through interactions with other kids, Franklin said.

The number one trait Franklin says parents should teach their kids is perseverance.

"You have to be able to finish and go to the end and persevere until your job is done. Keep pushing," said Franklin.