Key Center School prom gives kids a dance to remember

Key Center School prom. (Photo: Kimberly Suiters)

They try to make it just like every other prom. There are pretty girls in their best dresses and cool guys in bow ties and shades.

But there are no limousines at the Waterford Receptions. And the red carpet sees more wheels than heels

These kids are from the Key Center School, a facility for students with intellectual disabilities and autism.

Wearing a tie and holding his sister’s hand, Judd Nicely, 16, was born without 75 percent of his brain.

Judd’s date says he is the most rewarding part of her life.

"Not a lot of people ... get to know someone who has a disability," says Nikki Nicely. “It makes you grow up loving everyone.”

That's what makes it different from other proms.

“I like this one better,” says volunteer Hector Parada from Lee High School. “It opens your eyes and makes you grateful for what you have.”

And from the first dance to the last, everyone has someone to hold.