Higher ACT scores mean longer distance to college, study says

Parents of high-achieving high school students are probably not too pleased the results of a recent survey that indicates that teens with higher test scores are going farther away from home for school.

USA Today reports that the study, which was conducted by researchers with the ACT college-entrance exam, indicates that high scores correlate with a greater distance between home and the college of that student's choosing.

The study's results say that while the median distance between home and school for all students was about 51 miles, students who scored higher than 33 on the 36-point scale had a median distance of 170 miles.

On the contrary, the results show that the median distance between the two for students who scored lower than 24 was less than 50 miles.

USA Today says that the ACT's data correlates with a previous, similar study that weighed SAT scores with distance from home.