Harris' Heroes: WWII survivors share stories with local students

One day, not far off, all the remaining survivors of WWII will be gone, along with the chilling first-hand accounts they share in person.

Meanwhile, members of the Greatest Generation visit the latest generation at Rocky Run Middle School in Chantilly every year. They share their stories of a global war that left as many as 70 million people dead.

Minna Hamner grew up in Denmark, a star on the Danish Olympic swim team. She was just 17 when the Germans invaded her country.

The Fairfax resident talked of secret graveyard meetings with other members of the resistance.

“The minute the Germans found out that you were with the resistance group, it was, it was death,” she says.

Seventh-grade students who heard the stories found it fascinating.

“When we learn at school it's not like this, we don't get to hear the first person experiences, so I think it's really interesting,” says student Kirti Patel. “Now that we know, we can spread their experiences onto other generations.”