GWU students prep for Sochi trip amid terrorist threats

(WJLA) - The Olympic torch arrived in Volgograd, Russia on Monday. Just weeks ago, it was here that a pair of suicide bombings killed more than 30 people.

"If somebody's going to attack, they're going to attack and there's nothing more people can do about it," says Professor Lisa Neirotti with the GW School of Business.

GWU Business School professor Lisa Neirotti and her students are watching the events in Russia carefully as they prepare to visit the Sochi Olympics to study event planning and sports venue management.

"How everything is run on the ground, how everything is broadcast to the world," explains GWU student Todd Nolen.

But this Olympics is the focus of Islamic terrorists, who are claiming responsibility for the Volgograd attacks, and are promising a “surprise package” for those at the Olympics:

"The long and short of it is that Vladimir Putin and the Russian government will be very lucky to go through the Olympics without an incident," says National Security expert, Christopher Swift.

The GW students are among 15,000 Americans expected to attend the games, and they say they are not overly concerned, but are taking safety measures including emergency evacuation and rendezvous plans.

"I'm just going to be aware, keep myself with groups, not wander off on my own and just be smart," says student Fiona Saunders.

Spectators will be required to undergo a background check and wear a special pass for all events. Student Emily Dunham is writing a paper on all of the added measures:

"Various security perimeters in place. Hard and soft security parameters for the entire city of Sochi and at each Olympic venue."

Still, these students say they will be cautious, no matter what.

"I feel like the biggest danger is not going to be in Sochi during the Olympics,: says Katie Carptender. "I think terrorists will be trying to attack other cities while the Olympics are going on."