GWU student killed Friday night is this semester's fourth death

(WJLA) - Carlos Pacanins was just one month away from graduation when an accident on Friday night took his life.

The George Washington University student was walking on Route 1 in College Park, and police think he was drinking when he was struck by a northbound motorist.

"We do believe the pedestrian was in the crosswalk - however he attempted to cross on the 'do not walk' pedestrian sign," said a police spokesperson.

The GWU senior was a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity - where the brothers are still in shock over his death.

In the heart of downtown, campus students are reacting to this accident, just weeks prior to the May graduation.

"Every senior...they spend their senior year thinking about their time, the future - and for that to be cut short for one young individual is heartbreaking," said student Daniel Bassali.

"The fact that it was so close is very upsetting, because that didn't have to happen," said student India Halm.

This semester has seen the deaths of four GWU students. Two of them were suicides and took place on the school's Mount Vernon campus, where students are still struggling to deal with the loss.

"It's really depressing," said student Taylor Heath. "No one really talks. They just walk back to their rooms. My roommate took a leave of absence because she just couldn't deal with it."

"It has been disturbing, considering it happened many times this semester in a short span of time," said student Zacharo Gialamos.