Frederick students say their education suffers from teacher pay raise fight

In red shirts, Frederick County teachers leave work the minute the official workday is over.

Frederick teachers are fighting for a pay raise. And until they get one, they vow not to stay after school one minute past their scheduled work day.

Now some students say they support the teachers, but they say their education is suffering because of the pay raise fight.

A few weeks back Frederick County teachers symbolically walked out of school the second their contracted workday ended. Upset by not getting an expected pay raise, after years with no raise, they commenced a work-to-rule protest.

Now students say they're the ones suffering.

Amber Hill and her schoolmates at Frederick High say they're most upset and concerned about the after school AP exam reviews they're not getting because the teachers leave 20 minutes after the bell rings.

Lower AP scores could mean missed college credits, they fear.

Gary Brennan is head of the teachers union. He is unapologetic.

He says negotiations with the school board and county commissioners are underway but his people are sticking to their guns until the county pays up.

"And our hope is, this ends as soon as possible," Brennan says.

The students say they wholeheartedly support the teachers but they want everyone to know who is really being hurt.

"You know, I'd like to have a little bit of help and with them leaving so early its impossible to get and I don't know how I'm going to do now," Alison Peters says.