FBI training program teaches students how to be future agents

QUANTICO, Va. (WJLA) -- You might not think that a classroom is where 45 high school students would want to spend a week during summer vacation. But these young people are motivated and driven -- and part of the FBI Future Agents training program.

These students have come from across the country to the FBI training facility in Quantico to learn all they can about life in the FBI – including how to respond to a bank robbery as well as an explosion outside of a movie theater.

It’s all happening in the FBI training town called Hogan’s Alley; they’re looking for clues and asking questions, calming the nerves of some very animated volunteer actors.

One student, Kennedy Pierce, is here from Bellevue, Ohio.

"I kind of found it on the internet and said, 'I wanna do that,'" she says. Pierce wants to pursue behavior analysis and counter-terrorism, but she says that mainly: "We're all just working together and trying to figure everything out as we go along."