Fairfax schools: Overcrowded classrooms and focus on test scores a problem

FAIRFAX, Va. (AP) - The new Fairfax County schools superintendent says the school system's biggest challenges are overcrowded classrooms and too much focus on standardized test scores.

The Washington Post reports
Superintendent Karen Garza joined the annual Fairfax Education Summit on Saturday to talk with parents.

Garza told about 650 people in the crowd that standardized testing has gone too far, even though it was well-intentioned. She says the school system needs to find new ways to measure learning and how teachers are teaching without taking the joy out of learning.

The school system is projected to continue to expand. In the past five years, it's grown by 15,000 students.

Garza says enrollment has far outpaced available classroom space, leading to overcrowding and too much reliance on temporary classrooms in nearly 1,000 trailers.