Fairfax County finally ends school year on Wednesday

(WJLA) - Extra time in class doesn’t appear to be a problem at Annandale Terrace Elementary. But it seems that learning didn’t top the lesson plan during three extra school days that were tacked on to the end of the year across Fairfax County.

Will Wheatley, whose sister just graduated from Annandale Terrace, had a relaxing finish to 8th grade at Frost Middle in Fairfax.

"We watched Frozen, we watched Tangled, we watched a bunch of movies but we weren't really doing anything."

In order to meet state requirements, the county must complete 180 days of instruction, and needed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week to get there after having to use excess snow days this past winter.

Many families already had plans on the books for the week, so the district did allow for excused absences -- but still encouraged students to come to class if they could.

Fairfax Assistant Superintendent Barbara Hunter affirmed that these three days were not intended for goofing off:

"We do hope there is learning going on. It doesn't have to be around a rigorous curriculum, but really fun activities, hands-on projects..."