Fairfax County extends school by three more days

(WJLA) - It may feel like the last day of school, but for Fairfax County students, there are still three more school days left before they can swap the bus for the beach.

The big unknown for next week is how many will actually attend those final three days of class.

"A lot of my friends are not coming," says junior Alice Jo.

Some plan to drop in, but the majority are starting summer early – regardless of the county’s calendar.

"I want to be here on the last day, thank my teacher for all he's done," says junior Marcus Phoon.

The cold, snowy winter that caused these extra days is a distant memory, and now students are not certain whether they are prepared to pay the price. Some are just hoping the school board will make some changes in order to avoid this late exit next year.

"A little tedious, with the school days so long..." says Katerina Iiappis.

A few schools are asking kids to sign up for enrichment classes – which range from calligraphy to community service to learning to self-publish to prepping for a road trip.

But by Monday, thousands plan to already be on that road instead of learning about it in class.