D.C., Montgomery County to reopen most schools Thursday

Most of the schools in D.C. and Montgomery County will reopen for summer classes and other activities on Thursday. Those that remain without power are listed here.

The following Fairfax County public schools/centers are without power and will be closed Thursday, July 5:{ }

Annandale Terrace Elementary School
Beech Tree Elementary School
Spring Hill Elementary School
Mantua Elementary School
Stuart High School
Wakefield Forest Elementary School
Westlawn Elementary School
Dunn Loring Center

A statement from D.C. Public Schools:

District of Columbia reports

On Thursday, July 5th, all District of Columbia Public Schools will be open with the exception of Ferebee Hope ES and Winston EC. Students and staff should report as they normally do to all open DCPS sites. The open sites are similarly available to community-based organizations (CBOs) and other programs, including Summer Youth Employee Program (SYEP) participants, housed at DCPS schools.
A statement from Montgomery County Public Schools:

UPDATE: Programs in MCPS Schools to Resume on Thursday; 19 Schools Still Without Power

As previously announced by the Office of the State Superintendent (OSSE), scheduled bus transportation for eligible students in the Extended School Year program will also resume.

Staff, students, SYEP participants or community based organizations should not report to the closed schools Ferebee Hope ES and Winston EC. We are hopeful we will be able to reopen these closed schools on Friday, July 6th if power is restored to these buildings. Please continue to check our website for the most current updates.

Programs and activities in Montgomery County Public Schools will partially resume on Thursday, July 5, although some schools may still be without power. A list of schools WITHOUT power is listed below.

High school summer courses at regional centers will resume on Thursday, July 5 and the daily schedule will be extended to make up for lost instructional time. Two of the regional centers, Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School and Northwood High School do not have power at this time, but are expected to have power tomorrow morning.

Other summer school programs, some of which were slated to begin this week, will start on Monday, July 9. This includes Elementary Regional Summer School, ELO SAIL, Middle School Extended Year programs, Extended School Year for special education programs and Head Start summer programs.

Community use of school buildings will resume in schools that have power on Thursday, July 5. This includes summer camps, recreation programs and daycare programs.

MCPS administrative offices will be open on Thursday, July 5, although staff that work in schools or facilities without power Thursday morning will not need to report.

The following MCPS schools and facilities DO NOT have power as of Wednesday, July 4, at 5 p.m. This list will be updated on Thursday, July 5, before 6 a.m. If power is restored to a school on this list before 6 a.m. on July 5, activities will be held:

Beall Elementary School

Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School

Bradley Hills Elementary Schools (at the Radnor Center)

Chevy Chase Elementary School

Albert Einstein High School

Blair Ewing Center

Farmland Elementary School

Forest Oak Middle School

Gaithersburg Middle School

Highland Elementary School

Walter Johnson High School

Northwood High School

Olney Elementary School

Pyle Middle School

Rocking Horse Road Center

Stonegate Elementary School

Washington Grove Elementary School

Julius West Middle School

Westland Middle School

Walt Whitman High School

The updated list list of schools without power will be published Thursday morning on the MCPS website and on MCPS TV. The list will also be available on the MCPS Information Line at 301-279-3673.

More detail on programs and activities in MCPS schools:

Community use

Community use of school buildings, including summer camps, recreation programs and daycare programs, will resume on Thursday, July 5, as long as the school that hosts the program has power. If a school does not have power, programs in that building will be canceled.

Summer School Programs

- Elementary Regional Summer School will begin on Monday, July 9 and end on Tuesday, July 31. A teacher in-service day will be held on Friday, July 6.

- ELO/SAIL and Middle School Extended Year programs will begin on Monday, July 9.

- Extended School Year (ESY) programs for special education students will begin on Monday, July 9, with teacher in-service days on Thursday, July 5 or Friday, July 6.

- High School Summer Courses at the four regional centers will resume on Thursday, July 5, and the school day will be extended by one hour and 20 minutes (1:20) each day to make up for the time lost on July 2 and 3. School will start at 8:10 a.m. and end at 2:20 p.m. each day. Lunches will be served at all four regional centers (Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Churchill, Clarksburg and Northwood high schools). For information on local high school summer programs, please contact the school directly.

Summer Meals

The MCPS Summer Meals Program will resume on Thursday, July 5 at school locations that have power. This includes seven walk-in sites located in schools at which any person 18 years or younger can receive a free meal from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The school locations are: Argyle Middle School, Fox Chapel Elementary School, Gaithersburg Elementary School, John F. Kennedy High School, Maryvale Elementary School, Rolling Terrace Elementary School and Summit Hall Elementary School. There are also four community-based walk-in sites: Epiphany Lutheran Church in Burtonsville; Millian Memorial UMC in Rockville; New Creation Church in Wheaton; and Global Pediatrics in Takoma Park. Members of the public should contact these locations directly to see if they are open.