Class of 2014 faces a lack of job prospects

(WJLA) - The bell tolling at the Georgetown University clock tower is a not-so-subtle reminder to graduates that time is running out to get a job. It is why finance and marketing major Sammy Abdisubhan is suited up today for yet another job interview.

"I think it went well...It was a job interview slash preview day, and it seems like I would get it, but I didn't want to be too certain," the senior says.

With commencement ceremonies taking place on Friday, many Georgetown students are shocked that they are able to walk across that stage without employment waiting for them.

Despite a much-improved economy, the Class of 2014 has found it difficult to land jobs. According to a survey, so far only 17-percent of would-be graduates have jobs lined up. In 2013, 20-percent of grads had jobs already.

Meanwhile, for one GWU student who plans on attending law school:

"I'm doing law school because I want to wait out the economy," says John Paul Bezerra.

Of course there are still many graduates who have reason to celebrate:

"I found this job around February and I was interning there last semester," says senior Corey Karchner.

However, economic analysts say the stark numbers are a clear indication that there is still a lack of growth and confidence in the economy.

Even after this year's seniors cross that difficult hurdle and find a job, they're just a few months shy of their next challenge: paying off their share of the more than $1 trillion in collective student loan debt.