Calvary Christian School cancels classes because weather is too nice

(WJLA) - For most kids around the country, classes getting canceled due to weather can be attributed to a healthy dose of snow coating the ground, trees and cars.

On Friday, though, that's anything but the case for students at Calvary Christian School in central Georgia.

Students at the Columbus, Ga. school have been given Oct. 11 off because, in their words, "it's too beautiful."

The school's headmaster, Len McWilliams, said on Calvary's website that he has long thought of calling school off on a day that was just too nice to be stuck inside.

"In the late 1980s, I was calling school off one winter day because of the terrible weather," McWilliams is quoted as saying on the website. "The thought occurred to me that it would be great to call school off some day because it was too beautiful a day."

McWilliams goes on to call it a "once in a lifetime" family day.