Bowie State University discovers lack of cyber protection in audit

(WJLA) - The campus buildings and walkways aren’t the only things that appear empty as Bowie State wraps up the semester. It seems that no one has been guarding the gate to the university’s computer systems either.

"From the findings, it seems pretty wide open," says IT expert Ryan Rosencranz.

The findings of a state audit show that Bowie’s network wasn’t properly secured or monitored, leaving critical information unprotected.

"That really surprises me that this isn't protected. I feel in 2014 we'd be able to have firewalls and all that to protect from hackers," says student Leon Stern.

Experts say the security steps missing here put students and staff at risk – but Ryan Rosencranz with Fullscope IT says it’s common:

"I'm not surprised, because we walk into a lot of places that need this exact type of coverage."

In the data age, this kind of security lapse may be normal, but this audit doesn’t make students feel any more comfortable.

Tech major Cameron wishes he had known about the lacking protection, so he could have helped fix it. But he’s just glad the problems were found and are now being fixed.

"I've seen some of the biggest companies fall victim to the same thing, so I'm glad we caught it in the audit before we caught it in identity theft."