Bowie High School fight caught on video

BOWIE, Md. (WJLA) - A video shot by a student in a classroom at Bowie High School last Tuesday is disturbing.

In the footage, you see a 6' 5 student get physical with a much smaller student, banging him on a table and eventually throwing him on the ground.

But the student suspended wasn't the attacker -- it was the one being thrown on the ground.

"The big boy, he just came out of nowhere," describes the victim, who says he can't believe that after this happened, he was initially the only one suspended:

"I said I didn't do anything. The teacher was standing there the whole time. I just got thrown across the room, laughed at, and everybody just recorded it. Why am I in trouble?"

At the end of the video, you can hear a teacher who briefly appears in the video. The student who was attacked insists she was there the whole time.

"I was very much emotional when I saw it," says the victim’s Nigerian-born grandfather and guardian Goodluck, who adds his 16-year-old grandson suffered contusions and still complains of back pain. He adds that all Bowie High authorities will tell him is that the incident is under investigation.

"I said, 'this happened in the school?' He said yes . I said, 'who was those people present?' He said the teacher was present."

Principal Dr. Dewana Bey would not do an on-camera interview with us, but told us by phone that security immediately responded.

Having seen the video today, she says the student was suspended for incidents not shown in the video, but suggested they’re now looking more closely at the other student as well -- he is reportedly a football star at the school.

On Tuesday night, the mother of the taller student says despite her son's size, he is well-known for not being a "bully."

She says that although it wasn't right that her son put his hands on his classmate, the now-suspended boy reportedly threatened to kill him and her, his mother, and put them in a body bag.

"I'm not going to sit here and lie -- I have a bad reputation in school. Not for drugs or anything like that, but when it comes to fighting," said the suspended student.

But he adds that he did not threaten the larger student, and points out that the video clearly shows he did not retaliate despite what was done to him.

Goodluck says his grandson went back to school on Tuesday for the first time:

“He is feeling humiliated -- he told me that he doesn't feel like going back to that school, but I don't want him to miss his studies."