Benjamin Orr Elementary School students create music video

Dozens of children in Southeast D.C. are putting their own beat on going back to school They've created a rap video that's gone viral.

The Benjamin Orr Elementary School students are sharing their love of learning through their love of music.

"This is how we do it. This is how we do it. Go, go, go Jaguars," the students rap in the song called "Our School is Awesome."

More than 30 students participated in the making of the song and video.

"It felt like I was a superstar," said fifth grader Mazior Riyahidekordi.

Kalik Dorsey, also a fifth grader at Benjamin Orr, added, "It was like I was a celebrity. I was so excited, and my mother was proud of me."

The video was produced by a local media company and funded entirely by community donations.

Now, thousands of people are catching the beat and soaking up the message online.

Benjamin Orr Michelle Edwards said, "I think this video gives us an opportunity to show the world that great things are happening at Orr Elementary School in Anacostia."

Edwards says her students are changing perceptions about inner city schools. Orr is located in Ward 8, which has the nation's highest unemployment rate.

Despite the obstacle, the children and their teachers are proving that by staying in school, the cycle of poverty can be broken.

Dean of Students Marlon Ray added, "This is just the beginning of many things we want to do to showcase our school, showcase Washington, D.C., showcase Southeast, showcase children loving education."

Check out "Our School is Awesome" below.