As snow days pile up, parents questions cancellations

(WJLA) - Snow fell on some iced-over roads in Loudoun County while children played on yet another day out of class. Now, parents are wondering whether the school system made the right call.

"I don't think so -- I don't think it made complete sense, the roads seem fine," says one parent Jackie Breeden.

Stone Bridge High School is quiet on this Thursday. Buses are idle and the lot is deserted. The cancellation of a full week of classes here means that Micaela Moran will miss her midterms:

"So we don't have to take them anymore and it's kind of awesome," says the sophomore.

While children spend their leisure time, some parents are stuck at home or scrambling to find someone to watch their kids.

"I have to find day care, I gotta find something to do with her because I still have to go to work. Unfortunately, [my] job is not closed," says Prince William parent Kara Crestwell.

Loudoun builds in enough extra time, which means that so far it doesn’t have to add school days. But if Prince William cancels class tomorrow, it will have to make up time.

"It is definitely a pain in the neck when it happens, but you know, what can you do?" asks parent Sherri Williams.

Fairfax County is already in the red and looking to make up school both on President’s Day and on April 7. If school is off again on Friday, students will be looking at an extra day tacked on to the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Sherri Williams understands the difficulties the school systems face:

"It goes both ways. There are the parents that say, 'Why did you send my kid out on this kind of day?' And then there is an equal number that will say... 'Get them out of the house, ha ha ha."