Anacostia High School teachers visit students, parents

Anacostia High School teachers made rare home visits Friday while D.C. students were off school.

All 120 faculty and staff went to visit their students, an idea of principal Ian Roberts.

"For too long we've sat back and waited for parents to come to school and for the community to come to schools so we decided instead of waiting for them we're going to go out and engage them," Roberts said.

WJLA’s Sam Ford was invited along to visit students in Barry Farm public housing, where the first stop was at 16-year-old Anthony Smallwoods’ home.

Roberts says the teenager is chronically late for school.

"I know you're extremely bright but if you're not coming to school, how (are) we going to make sure you're successful? You're too smart to be missing school,” Roberts told Smallwood and his parents. “What do we have to do to make sure that you come to school every day.”

Smallwood replied school should start later, like at 11 a.m. Roberts said not a chance, but they will give him a wake up call.

“I didn't expect them,” Smallwood’s mother said. “It's a beautiful thing they’re doing.” "They show concern," his father added.

Teachers say the trips help them understand the students’ environment.