ACT College closes three Virginia campuses

An ACT student is shocked to learn that the school is closing down. (Photo: ABC7)

Entering ACT college's offices is similar to walking into a ghost town.

There is no one at the front desk or in the halls and classrooms. Same situation at the colleges other offices across the area.

The only hint as to what happened a letter posted on the door. It states that since the medical tech school lost federal grant money, it halted operations after thirty years. The news stunned some students and left them shaken.

Students who showed up for class Wednesday mulled over their options. Some here are just weeks from graduating. Pricilla Fields spent 11 months studying to be a dental tech.

“It's like all my hard work is not down the tubes and it's really sad,” she says.

Courses run between $15,000 to $19,000. The big question tonight is will their credits transfer to other medical tech schools. if not will the students get their money back.

“There is not even no one here to give us not even one answer and that is ridiculous,” Fields says.

The students got word there were no classes Monday. Some faculty members say their paychecks are weeks overdue. ABC7 tried to contact the former head of the school but got no response.