Keith Blocker starting classes at Maryland after scholarship scam

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WJLA) -- Three weeks ago, Keith Blocker’s college move-in day was very much in doubt.

“Initially I was thinking, 'How am I going to get to school? What if I don't get a chance to go to school?" he said.

Blocker’s mother Dina called 7 On Your Side after a man named Greg McClees promised Keith a full-ride scholarship to the University of Maryland upon seeing a story about the high school honor student’s 13 years of perfect school attendance.

The Blockers called it a miracle, but in the end, all they received were broken promises and a bunch of fees from a stop payment on McClees’ $1,000 check -- which was to be "used to get everything that Keith needs for school."{ }

McClees claims he also sent out a check to the Blockers for $10,000, but the Blockers say that check never came.

Last week, a public relations firm claiming to represent McClees emailed, saying the money for the tuition bill was being wired. But on Aug. 28, ABC7 received an email saying that the firm was no longer working with him.

McClees has been avoiding ABC7, but says that it will be taken care of next week.

"We don't mind doing what we said we'd do," he told us, “but we don't like being pushed and backed into a corner like this when we were doing this out of the generosity of our heart."

He insisted he's "making it right" after we asked him where the money was he promised three weeks ago. He answered that he turned it over to his attorney, but the attorney has confirmed that he does not represent McClees.

Despite all the dodging, generous people have thus far donated well over $1,000 and linked up Keith with a $500 scholarship. The University of Maryland helped him secure some student loans and his grandmother dug into her retirement funds.

This means Blocker will be there when classes start next week.

"I'm really excited about move-in day," he said. "I've been up late packing. I'm excited for a new chapter in my life, a new beginning, moving on to bigger and better things."

To contribute to Keith Blocker's college fund, click here.